Rattlesnake Canyon

One of the bonuses to visiting Upper Antelope that we stumbled on is getting a chance to visit Rattlesnake slot canyon on the way out.

One of the guys I was with talked to our driver and he stopped at Rattlesnake Canyon and we had a few minutes to explore it.

It is shorter, shallower, and narrower than Antelope, but it was neat in it's own way. The fact we had it to ourselves was a huge plus.

Here are a few quick images to show it. Note how narrow the twists are. There are places you had to drop your pack and take the tripod through and then go back for the pack.

The light and color is not the same as Antelope since it is so shallow, but the rock formations are very interesting.
In the second image, it might seem I am in a big room but let me put that into proper perspective-this was taken with a fisheye lens. It still is not that big.

For those who get an opportunity to goto Upper Antelope, talk to your driver about a stop here.


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