The Famous View

The Mittens are one of the most famous views in the west. I cannot help but see them and envision a stagecoach racing across the desert with Indians chasing and the Ringo Kid trying to save the day.

Thanks, John Ford and John Wayne for making this place famous!

Here are a couple of views of the Mittens. One of the famous rocks. I heard these called the "Ansel Rocks" after ol Ansel Adams himself.

By the way this famous view over the two rocks.....its in the parking lot. You will not miss it.

Another image of the Mittens is with a longer lens from my campsite as a snowstorm arrived right at sunset.

What a view and what a snow storm. The top picture was actually the next morning.

Go, and if you see Ethan, Capt York, or the Ringo Kid-tell them I said hi.


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