Wyoming Aspen

Wyoming. The cowboy state.

After a few days making my way across Colorado I entered Wyoming near the town of Baggs. From there it was up into the Sierra Madre.

This was ranching country and the Little Snake River valley was practically right out of movie. As I drove up into the mountains, I started to see aspen. Then more aspen. Then even more aspen. It reminded me of SW Colorado there were so many aspen trees. And 95% had lost their leaves. Winter beat me here. But that was ok, as the area and views were spectacular, even past the fall color.

This was one of those areas that really quick you knew you would have to be back.

Here are just a couple of the locations and views I took in. First is a grove of perfect vertical aspen. I think I spent two hours here photographing but I could have spent the whole day. The vertical lines and road were amazing.

Second image is from one of the scenic overlooks and takes in a view across the range. Unlike the neighboring Snowy Range, this lacks some of the big granite peaks but it more than makes up with all the aspen.
The views here really take in the entire heart of the range and those trees, even past prime they were pretty amazing.

Yep, this place is going on the must return list. But next time it will be a week earlier!


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