Rock Ledges on the Clear Fork

This part of Texas has a lot of limestone. There are many places along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River that have cut down to the limestone and offer a view of the past but also give the river a canvas to play on.

Those ledges make a tapestry of pools, ledges, rocks and spills that give the river character.

As a photographer, they also give me a place to practice that is less than a five minute walk from home.

Every day on the river is different and every time I walk the river I seem to see something new or something that I never noticed before. I visit the same pools on a regular basis and find them different every time.

I also find that even just moving 100 feet downstream brings a whole new world at your feet. These two images are just a small example of that.

The river has been low all winter but the top image was taken after a small rain that did put the levels up a bit higher. A good spring rain will really get the river kicking. Of course, I am not wading in it then.

As I type this I notice that it is about an hour to sunrise and since it is the weekend I think I'll grab the camera and make for the river. Who knows what I'll see today.


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