The Most Remote Spot in Texas

Dog Canyon is the most remote spot in Texas.  How remote is it? 

You have to drive through New Mexico for an hour and a half to get there.

However, if you can make it here it is a magical place.  You drive across the northern Guadalupe Mountains in New Mexico.  They are mostly dry, rocky, and empty.  As you get closer to Texas the range gets higher.  Pines appear on the higher ridges.  You drop into Dog Canyon under the huge Guadalupe Escarpment.  As you reach the very back of the canyon you cross the state line back into Texas and enter Guadalupe Mountain National Park.  

You see pinon, pines, and maples.  Yes, maples.  The Guadalupes are home to maples.  Most visitors go and visit the more popular and easier to get to McKittrick Canyon.  In Dog Canyon you are not that far away from McKittrick as the bird flies, but it is a arduous walk or a long drive to get there.

Since I was there in October, it was the peak of the fall colors and hidden in this most remote corner of Texas I got to experience a rare treat that few people see.

Here are just a few images from the upper reaches of Dog Canyon as it winds up into the higher peaks of the Guadalupes.

I hope you can get a glimpse into this seldom visited area and maybe add another spot to your must see list.

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