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Exploring the Nebraska Sand Hills

  The Nebraska Sand Hills are something few people ever notice.  I have seen them on the map and often wondered about them.  It has never been a place I have had a chance to visit in the past.  That changed this year. The Pandemic changed all of my travel plans this year. I found myself in August and having basically been home all year.  I wanted to travel.  In normal times I would take a week and go to someplace I knew would be scenic like Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, or similar.  Some of the parks can be busy but as someone usually plans I was able to work around the worst of the crowds.  Covid has changed that.  Parks like Yellowstone, Zion and Grand Canyon are setting new attendance records each month.  There are news stories of overcrowding, and two hour waits in line to start a hike. I did not want to be part of that kind of a crowd.   So I made a trip to explore lesser visited areas.  I would still visit a couple of national parks but hopefully ones less crowded.  My destination w

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