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Bear's Lodge

Bear's Lodge (also known as Devil's Tower) is a famous location in Wyoming on the edge of the Black Hills.  A giant rock formation that has been seen in movies and post cards for generations.  It is a small National Monument and is very popular as a destination. It is a place I have wanted to visit and photograph for a long time. I worked it into my Dakota trip this last fall.  I was hoping to camp and visit for a night or two. Now did I mention this is a small place?  The tower itself is big but the monument is measured in hundreds of acres and not tens of thousands like a national park.  In many ways it is like a small state park.  In the summer it is very crowded.  However most visitors do a drive through visit and leave.  I arrived in October and was able to get a campsite there in the small campground under the cottonwood trees.  I would find it very quiet at night. I had hoped I might find a couple of daytime images of the tower and then maybe a couple of nightscape image

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