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New Year

January 1 marks the begining of a new year and this year, a new decade. The first day of the year is also one of my favorite annual traditions as I go out for sunrise to photograph and greet the new year.  It is a tradition that started for me back in 2000 and has been going since.  Rain, sleet, or clear sky does not matter.  I am out there.   I have to admit I rarely get good photos that day. It seems to always be poor conditions for photography, yet that never deters me.   What started as a solo thing grew as my friends learned about and I would have as many as ten others meet me in the predawn cold to wait for the first sunrise if the year. Usually that meant staying out for a few hours with the cameras and then stopping in for breakfast and conversation as we talked over the prior year photography wise and made plans for the upcoming year. We couldn't do any of our traditional group things this year.  I packed up after Christmas and made a trip out to Big Bend.  Ful

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