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Iceland- Snaefellsnes Peninsula

In the early fall of 2018 I put together a trip to Iceland. I know Iceland has become incredibly popular over the last few years but it is a country I have long wanted to visit.  In 2018 new routes between Reykjavik and DFW made a trip to Iceland much cheaper and easier than ever before, so I got a ticket and flew solo to the land of fire and ice.

Most people either just do the Golden Circle or they do the entire Ring Road, moving every day.  Neither of those appealed to me and after some research decided to do a similar strategy I took in Scotland and visit just three areas, staying in each 3-4 nights.  My hope was that rather than seeing everything I would have several chances at good light with time to explore more than just a few tourist spots.

First stop on my list was the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.  It is under three hours from Reyjkavik and I hoped after an overnight flight, I could get my car, get food and make the drive before sunset.

The flight in was great, we even flew over Gree…

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