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Yellowstone by Night

Yellowstone was the worlds first national park.  A place with incredible wildlife and geology, where geysers and hot springs are a wonderland to see and photograph.  I visited in early September this year with a goal of photographing the landscape of the park.  I made my reservations for a couple of campgrounds well in advance as I know the park fills up on most nights.  A good plan also put me near the areas I wanted to photograph.  

When I photograph, I am usually hoping for clouds, rain, snow and epic light.  What I got in Yellowstone was a week of clear sky.  Totally.  Clear. Sky.  That was ok as in addition to wanting to photograph some of the geysers with a big sunset, I also wanted to photograph them at night with the Milky Way.  Being a landscape photograph means you are always at the mercy of the weather.  Luckily there would be quite a bit of moonless sky during my trip so I could go nocturnal and chase the stars.

Do know that being out in Yellowstone one needs to be cautious.…

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