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Bikepacking Big Bend

I was in Big Bend last month and completed my first bikepacking trip.  Yes, bikepacking.  Think backpacking but with everything strapped to the bike.  I have backpacked in Big Bend and traveled Overland style too.  Exploring the park by bike and staying out overnight sounded like an interesting new way to see, experience and explore the desert.  So I made advanced plans and specifically booked a campsite for an overnight. Travel by bike in Big Bend is possible but you have to know what you can do.  The hiking trails are off limits to bikes.  However, Big Bend has a great network of rough roads you can bike on.  These vary from basic gravel to high clearance, lifted 4x4 needed.  There is also a network of back road campsites across the desert to use.  Understand by campsite, I mean a patch of gravel and a bear box.  No water, no shade, no amenities at all. While many bikepackers travel for multiple days I planned a simple overnight trip as water is a limiting factor here.  In short, the

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