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The Zion Narrows in Winter

The Narrows of the Virgin River in Zion National Park is one of the ten best "hikes" in any park.  The hike is wading the in the Virgin River in the very narrow and deep canyon.  The canyon is  over 1000' (300m) deep and in places less than 20 feet (6m) wide.  The river twists and turns at it moves deeper into the Narrows.  

You wade in water than could be ankle deep or in pools you have to swim.  However I find most of it is around knee deep with only a few sections going to waist deep in the main part of the canyon (Temple of Sinewava to Wall Street).

Wading in from the Temple of Sinewava (the last stop on the shuttle bus in Zion Canyon) does not require a permit.  If you want to do the longer 16 mile top down hike (usually done overnight) does require a permit.  The water also needs to be low with no chance of flash flood.  One thing to always, always, always be aware of in canyon country is the possibility of ANY rain as it can easily mean a life threatening flash floo…

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