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The highlight location of Iceland for me as a landscape photographer was Vestrahorn.  

Yes, it is famous.  Yes, you have seen many images from there on social media.  Yes, it is worth the fame.

In a scenic country this is the scenery that I found the most impressive.  Better than Kirkjufell, Skogafoss, the Unpronounceable Canyon, the Glacial Lagoon or even the Diamond Beach.  The magnificent peaks of Vestrahorn stretched across a black sand beach with the waves, wind, clouds, light, dunes and more to be something right out of Middle Earth.

And even better it was one of the largest of the major scenic areas with one of the smallest crowds.  In short amazing scenery with the crush of other tourists.

After finding some 60 people at Kirkjufell at 0100 in the morning, seeing dozens of tour buses at Skogafoss, finding hundreds walking the Diamond Beach it was refreshing to find there were only half a dozen others at Vestrahorn.  All were fellow photographers and we all went our own direction.


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