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2019 Year in Review

It is the waning days of 2019 and time to take a look back at the year.  This was a year I revisited many old favorites and did a couple of visits to areas I wanted to see more of.  Like every year, it is never enough time in the field with the camera.
This was a good year for me chasing images with night images being some of my best work.  It also was a good year with getting published.  In particular I had two images in the 2019 Texas Highways calendar.  Then had images published in the October fall color issue and the December night sky issue of the magazine too.
Jan 1 is always a First Day (as the term has become) event as I went out to watch the sunrise and try to make some photos.  It has been a tradition for me since 2000 and will continue again in just a few mornings as I welcome the first sunrise of the new decade in 2020.  As I write in my Year in Review (YIR) each year I do not think I have ever gotten a decent image on new years day.  I do not see that as the point though.  …

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