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Iceland- Glacial Lagoon and Diamond Beach

The highlight of eastern Iceland are the Glacial Lagoons and the Diamond Beach.  First there are actually two glacial lagoons.  The larger and more famous is Jokulsarlon.  This is the one with the blue water, many icebergs, and is super crowded.  There is also the nearby and smaller Fjallsárlón.  Here the water is brownish and there are not as many icebergs, but you are closer to the glacier and it is less crowded.  Both offer boat trips out among the ice.

Now both locations will have many visitors but this is a neat location to see and experience.  I think it is worth seeing both since there is a difference.

This is another example of an amazing natural location with limited infrastructure.  There is a small cafe and office at the smaller lagoon but the big lagoon is basically temporary buildings with a small cafe (I probably would not eat in) and a restroom.  A lot of people visit here and one would think there would be more.

Right across the road from Jokulsarlon is the diamond beach.…

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