Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch is the most famous sunrise location in the Moab area. Show up here on a clear morning and do not be surprised if 40 other photographers do too.

but all it takes is one look of an image from here to understand why.

The glow from the first light of day is amazing the the sights seen from here are incredible.

On my recent Canyonlands trip I had plans to spend one morning here. I ended up going back for a second morning when it was a clear sky day. Both times allowed me to get that classic view and great glow under the arch.

As always, I was the first one here. That helps me get the spot I want. Luckily this trip the crowd was smaller than in 2008 when there were 50+ people. The first morning here it was maybe 20 individuals, but everyone was relaxed and friendly. My second morning there was just 4 of us making it very easy to work on different compositions.

Here are two showing the entire arch and then after stepping back the glowing arch with the Washer Woman more easily seen.


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