Arriving at the Grand Canyon

There are few things as spectacular as the first time you see the Grand Canyon. Even on subsequent returns it is truly amazing and takes your breath away.

Arriving there on a February afternoon I felt that awe all over again.

If you arrive from the eat the first sight you see is actually the Little Colorado River Gorge as it winds its last few miles before meeting the Grand Canyon. It is a great view and a place that has always intrigues me as a place that I really need to explore more.

Then one arrive at Desert View and the amazing views and incredible vistas begin. I arrived to find that there was snow along the rim but the canyon was snow free. The view was as "WOW" as always but the snow adds something to it.

Here is one of those views. This is of Bright Angel Canyon and the distant north rim. You can make out the snow on the rim. It might look like its a nice warm day but it was in the 20's when I took this from Yavapai Point.

It was only the beginning of the three best days I had ever seen at the Grand Canyon and that includes the excitement of being trapped and locked in at the North Rim in 2006 when the Warm Fire jumped the road to Jacob Lake.


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